Saturday, January 16, 2010

Frickin contractions

So off I went to Mary Birch, yet again. I started feeling contractions and pre-term labor signs a few days ago, but pretended they weren't there. I mean, come on. I KNEW what was going to happen if I called the doc. "Yeah, why don't you head on over to triage at Mary Birch." And that's exactly what they told me. And boy did I call it. Monitor, check. Turb shot, check. More contractions and another turb shot, check. You're not doing so well, we're going to have to admit you, check. Same old song and dance. I knew it. That's why I put it off. But my therapist got the better of me. "Just call," she says. You kind of NEED to. So I did.

But thankfully, my stay was short-lived and only 24 hours long this time. And THANKFULLY this time I have competent doctors taking care of me. Not too aggressive treatment this time, they say. Since in the past, you carried to term. God bless them. So now I am back home in my own bed, with my own bathroom, a toothbrush, and my sanity. Pretty important these days. Oh yes, and my little monkey is happy too of course.

Off to a good night's sleep without the high-pitched beep of an IV to wake me up at 3am. Yesss...

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